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English to Arabic Legal Translation
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English to Arabic Legal Translation

Why English to Arabic Legal Translation is Important in Dubai UAE?

Dubai is one of the UAE states where Arabic is the official language. If you are going to any Government institute like courts, immigration, health departments, RTA, Dubai Police, Department of Economics, Land department and others here in UAE for any of your official requirements, you might be asked to bring Arabic version of your documents for further proceedings.

In addition to being a bilingual country with many expats, legal translation is necessary in Dubai for any legal/non-legal papers. The two primary languages spoken in the UAE are Arabic and English. A certified translator from a UAE-registered firm has to perform all legal translations such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and contracts that need to be translated into Arabic with full legality.

Two Type of English to Arabic Legal Translation

There are two types of translation available in Dubai and they are; normal translation and legal translation. While normal translation can be done by any translator; on the other hand, legal translators have their names legally stamped on them. It should not go without saying that one of the most important parts among these is translating legal documents into Arabic while it’s still in Dubai since it’s their official language.

The Ministry of Justice certifies this legal translator who can now provide official translations accepted by all courts throughout UAE.


Fast delivery

How Soon You can Get English to Arabic Legal Translation?

Documents volume and deadline:

  1. 200 to 2000 words: Within one (1) Business day.
  2. 2001 -4000 words: Within two (1-2) Business days.
  3. Above 4000 words: Subject to evaluation.

Important Remarks:

1. Deadline depends on the evaluation

2. If a document has been issued outside the UAE, it must be legalized by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs before legal translation; otherwise, we can only provide certified translation with our company stamp. This is not a legal translation with the legal translator’s stamp.

Curious About Pricing? How Much Does English to Arabic Legal Translation Cost?

Type of documents that can be accepted for English to Arabic Legal Translation:

  • Birth Certificate / Education / Marriage / Transcript / Death / Divorce / Salary Certificates
  • Accident Report / Criminal Record / Family Book / Identity Card / Passport / Passport / Affidavit / Offer Letter / Passport
  • Invoices & Bills / Receipt / Voucher Resignation Letter / Termination Letter / Emails / Chats / Purchase Order (LPO).
  • Account Statements / Power of Attorney / Contracts / Agreements / Judgment / Court Document / Lawsuit / Legal Notice

Or any other documents that need to be legally translated We are one of the topmost, highly esteemed and efficient legal translation agencies in Dubai. We have a reputation for translating accurately in the fastest time possible.

Why Chose Certified English to Arabic Legal Translation Agency?

We are certified translators here in Dubai. As a result, anyone seeking certified translations will come to us first. Please, feel free to contact us right away! Our clients include but are not limited to ministries, government departments, law firms, embassies, media houses and international companies who depend on us.

English to Arabic translations regardless of document type or volume are available here! Our team of native speaking translators can provide top quality English to Arabic translation and vice versa on any subject matter. Dubai based team of translators possesses great experience in translating various types of content such as law/ legal, medical/ health care, technical/ engineering, automotive manufacturing process descriptions and IT & telecom communication content oriented terminologies used in localization outcome files.

We work 24 hours a day offering fast service at affordable prices that is recognized by all governmental entities operating within the country. Just contact us on WhatsApp, email or phone call stating the urgency of your needs and it will take few minutes before responding you back . We have teams dedicated to customer service making sure that they provide best customer services than any other company does.