Our Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Which Languages We Translate?

Arabic Legal translation is a delicate service where confidentiality of the clients and knowledge of the translators are crucial. It is a known fact that legal translation projects usually have shorter delivery times, and one of the most complicated translation tasks in the world. With the world becoming a global community, more people are taking new opportunities in other countries, thereby requiring the services of a legal translation agency to translate their documents.

English to Arabic

English to Arabic Legal Translation

Are you searching for a competent agency that can handle English to Arabic certified translation services for you? At Arabic Legal Translation Dubai, we provide official, accredited, legalized translation services that ensures your documents are properly translated without errors.

French to Arabic

French to Arabic Legal Translation

The world is becoming a global village where citizens of various countries are seeking job opportunities and life-changing adventures in other parts of the world. Citizens of French-speaking nations can also take advantage of our legal translation services to translate their legal documents.

German to Arabic

German to Arabic Legal Translation

The German language is the official language in Germany, Liechtenstein, and Austria. Other countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and other parts of the European Union like Denmark, Hungary, Italy and Poland also make use of the German language as a minority language.

Italian to Arabic

Italian to Arabic Legal Translation

Italy is a country situated in the European continent, and its official language is Italian. The official language is spoken in nations such as San Marino, Italy, some parts of Switzerland, Western Istria region of Slovakia, Vatican City, Albania, and Croatia. Several brands have their branches…

Russian to Arabic

Russian to Arabic Legal Translation

Russian language is one of the official languages in the world, and often used in general meetings of the United Nations. The Russian language is the official language of countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. Other countries that also use Russian language but do not speak it as an official language.

Chinese to Arabic

Chinese to Arabic Legal Translation

Chinese language is one of the official languages in the world, and it was recognized at the United Nations General Assembly in 1973. China, as a world power has become one of the strongest economies in the world as there has been a significant boom in the trade volumes emanating of Asian giant.

Spanish to Arabic

Spanish to Arabic Legal Translation

One of the acceptable official languages in the world is the Spanish language, and more than twenty-one countries adopt this language as an official language. More than four hundred million people speak Spanish across the globe. Examples of these countries are Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela..

Turkish to Arabic

Turkish to Arabic Legal Translation

The Turkish language is an official language in different parts of the world. According to a research, there are more than eighty-three million people speakers of the Turkish language worldwide. Countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, and Serbia.