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Top-Quality Subtitling Services

If you are looking for top-quality subtitling services for TV programs, films, documentaries, presentations, healthcare, educational videos or any other videos related to entertainment purposes, you can rely on our top-quality subtitling services in Dubai with trust and confidence. Despite your physical appearance in any corner of the world, you are just a click away to make your videos accessible to the wider audience of your choice in your desired language.

The creator of the film can take benefits of subtitling by offering text dialogues in multiple languages under the video instead of bearing dubbing expenses hence making it easy for the audience with hearing problems or having different native language to understand the video scenes.


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We are offering most reasonable prices for the world class services with a team of video editors and linguists having skills and a vast experience of subtitling in Dubai. Through our Professional native subtitle technicians, you can communicate your message via media to a wider audience globally by availing the most trusted services of top-of-the-line translators, transcribers and subtitling experts. Some of the qualities of our services are as follows:

  • 24/7 Call Support
  • NDA is available on the request of the client.
  • We Deliver on Time
  • Translation in Dubai also offers various subtitling solutions, such as following:
  • Closed Caption Subtitles
  • Dubbing and Subtitling
  • Film Subtitling
  • Movies Subtitle Service
  • Subtitling and Translation
  • Subtitling Videos
  • Video Subtitling

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We are dealing in more than 200 languages to offer subtitling in all major and preferred formats as desired by our valued clients.

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Subtitling – Where Words Matter

If you need subtitles for basic tasks (short videos) or long-running series, we have all the necessary arrangements to handle subtitling projects of any level.

Our clients always prefer the accuracy in subtitles, use of fonts that are more readable and matching the native language writing styles to make the subtitles more attractive to the native readers.

Despite making it a more complex procedure to make a video content separately for the audience of different languages, you can opt for choosing our budget friendly and top-rated subtitling services to offer subtitles in multiple languages for your particular project for your convenience.

Whether you are requiring subtitles of a video of 05 minutes duration or it’s a complete motion picture, we will complete the project in clients specified time frame having following qualities:


  • Accuracy – subtitles will be displayed along with the relevant scenes.
  • Affordable – Every client is different with respect to affordability and most of the clients prefer the subtitling services provider offering reasonable rates. So, we offer world class services that are budget friendly too.
  • Qualitative – Our professionals use appropriate dialect to reflect the font, sense and meanings of the original language in subtitles.
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We ask our clients to mention clearly about the required format of the video so that our professionals may deliver the videos in the desired format by using different media tools to surprise you with the high-quality results. Just place an order to get subtitling through a reputable expert in the field.

Top Subtitling Services in Dubai

Translation in Dubai is a renowned and preferred Subtitling Service Provider in Dubai. In the process of subtitling, the spoken words by the characters in a video are transcribed into written text which is then displayed under the video playing on the screen of an LCD. This is one of the techniques of audiovisual translation aids used to enable the audience of international markets to understand a video or movie of their interest.

Subtitling Services in Dubai

Our professional subtitling solutions in Dubai are open for all individuals, broadcasters, video producers and companies whether they are in Dubai, UAE or any part of the world. Our online order placement system ensures our online appearance at any time of the day to provide high-quality subtitle services that are also perfect in terms of timing and text.

Translation in Dubai is offering subtitling for all languages spoken in the UAE including following major languages:

English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Czech and many others.


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We are offering all in one solution for subtitling services in Dubai keeping in mind the requirements of our clients including video time-coding and localization of content, transcription file creation, video translation and creation of subtitle files. Whether you just require time-coded captioning, translated subtitle file or an original caption file, our professionals will deliver it in your desired format and timeframe.

Closed Captioning and Video Subtitling Services

When it comes to obtaining the low-cost subtitles for a visual media, Translation in Dubai fulfills all the selection criteria set by the clients to get perfect subtitling services. We are offering closed captioning services and video subtitling for any kind of video content along with other wide range of services including translation and interpretation in Dubai. If you have any kind of video, contact our online representatives to get your task done by the team of subtitling experts.

Avail the services to satisfy all your captions and subtitles requirements

You can get timecoding, timestamping, soft or hard subtitles for your media content and you will witness the high-quality and accurate results beyond your expectations. Any task assigned to our experts is completed in accordance with the best industry standards due to their working experience with major television stations and media firms.

We start transcribing a video script after analyzing the nature of the video so that the final results could be more accurate and in accordance with the requirements of our clients. The transcription is then translated in the desired language to become part of subtitles. Our team of experts ensure that each sentence, word and phrase is accurately translated into the other language without losing original sense and meanings. Additionally, from the start to end of a video, subtitles remain accurate, having perfect timing.

In this way, not a single instant of the video is missed and the message is fully conveyed to the targeted audience. Even our experts can handle any video format and embedding requirements of our clients. This all becomes possible with the efforts of our quality assurance team which scrutinizes complete video before final delivery to the client to ensure synchronization between subtitles and the video.

What is the professional subtitling and captioning service we provide?

 Our clients can expect top-quality subtitles, competitive prices and on-time delivery of projects apart from a wide range of service we offer in Dubai including translation, interpretation, voice dubbing and voice over, documents attestation, public and private notarization, documents and visa typing center in Dubai and many more. We put all efforts to safeguard the privacy of our clients along with data security hence handling each and every project keeping it highly confidential.