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Turkish to Arabic

The Turkish language is an official language in different parts of the world. According to a research, there are more than eighty-three million people speakers of the Turkish language worldwide. Countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, and Serbia. Other countries where the Turkish language is spoken are Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Cyprus, and Uzbekistan.

Citizens of nations where the Turkish language is regarded as an official language often issue their official documents in Turkish language. Examples of these documents are Commercial contracts, sale agreements, employment contracts, distribution agreements, Non-competition clauses, non-confidentiality clauses, Terms and conditions, Regulations, Complaints, Powers of attorney, Estate files, etc. Other official documents include marriage certificates, educational qualifications, birth certificates, and others.

Arabic Legal Translation Dubai possesses the proper means and the best team that can handle the translation of documents originally issued in Turkish language. For persons who have obtained their certifications like educational qualifications in Turkey and other countries that adopt the Turkish language as an official language, they will need to translate these legal documents to Arabic language if they are considering relocation to the United Arab Emirates or other Arabic speaking countries. We also offer translation of a documents to German Language at an affordable price.

At Arabic Legal Translation Dubai, our priority is getting these official documents translated at affordable rates and delivered within the shortest time possible. In the last few years, our professional translators have been delivering exceptional Legal Translation Services to the satisfaction of our clients due to their dexterity and years of experience in the industry. These professionals pay attention to detail in the translation of documents issued in Turkish language to Arabic language. They are also well-versed in the translation of official documents issued in Arabic for persons who have certifications and want to use them in countries that use Turkish language as an official language.

At Arabic Legal Translation Dubai, we pride ourselves as the number one translation agency with impeccable track record that is yet to be matched by our competitors. Let the best hands work on your documents and you will be glad you did.