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We can perform certified translations into Italian language both for use within the UAE jurisdiction or outside involving UAE courts or government agencies offices located thereon.Considering legalization process required by Italy authorities both locally (within the UAE) and home country (Italy). Italian Legal Translation is our specialty.

We provide superb Italian translation services for all types of documents ranging from personal certificates and papers to promotional brochures or company websites which gives us ability to offer highly classified and sensitive materials/services such as those dealing with law and health issues among other areas at cheaper price than any other competitor does without compromising quality at all times

Italian Legal Translation

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Our team is ready to fulfill all your translation requirements, including quality, speed and cost-effectiveness like no one else can do it for you across UAE . With input from our native Arabic speaking translators who have mastery over both languages such as English and Arabic , we guarantee that only high-quality translations are delivered within agreed deadlines. We also offer English to Italian document translation services.

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Best Italian Legal Translation company in Dubai

Individuals coming from Italy and other countries that issue their legal documents in Italian language will require the services of a certified translation agency like the Arabic Legal Translation Dubai to get their official documents translated into Italian. This is the requirement set by the government for persons coming into the country as the official language in the UAE is Arabic. ALT has the best team of Italian Legal Translators as they were carefully selected based on strict criterion such as years of experience, understanding of more official languages, use and application of the grammar in each language of their specialization.


Italy is a country situated in the European continent, and its official language is Italian. The official language is spoken in nations such as San Marino, Italy, some parts of Switzerland, Western Istria region of Slovakia, Vatican City, Albania, and Croatia. Several brands have their branches in the United Arab Emirates and these are attracting different people from various nations to come and work in the country.

As a reputable translation agency, we take the translation of these legal documents of our clients serious and strive to make our customers happy. We also provide a thorough guidance for them to enable them have a sense of comfort that they are in the right hands. The specialists given the task of translating the documents from Italian language to Arabic language  in our agency have a comprehensive understanding of both languages. This understanding has eradicated a scenario of misinterpretation of documents as these translators are well-trained and experienced on the job.

Citizens from countries that use Arabic language as official language can trust the ingenuity of our professional translators when they want to translate their documents to Italian Language. This is important as the relevant authorities of government in Italy such as the Embassy of Italy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice requires certification for these legal documents before allowing them to use these individuals to use in Italy or other countries that use Italian language as an official language.

The satisfaction of our clients is our primary focus and that has been standing point that has distinguished us from others over the last few years. If you need certified Italian translation as well as Arabic to Italian legal translation services; look no further as we are here to please you and offer the best services.

How to Get Italian Legal Translation in UAE

1. To certify the legality of United Arab Emirates issued documents for use in Italy, they must be legalized by Italian diplomatic and consular representations abroad.
Those that are not written on standard multilingual forms as required by international practice must also be translated into Italian.

2. “Per traduzione conforme” (for translation purposes) has got to appear on translated copies. In the countries where there are officially recognized translators, he/she can verify their conformity and then his/her signature is subject to legalization at the consular office.



3. To start off with the process of legalization, it is necessary for an applicant to make appointment with a consular office and present an original document that needs legalizing.

4. For applying for a certificate proving authenticity of translation with respect to source text, one should schedule a visit to a consular office and come up with both the document originally being in foreign language and its translation.

5. All such papers have to be paid for according to the Consular Fee Schedule (Tariffa consolare).