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The services of a translation company in Dubai are essential due to the presence of a large number of expatriates from across the world in Dubai who have different languages. It is always difficult for the newcomers in Dubai to communicate with the native people and the offices due to language barrier for which certified attestation services in Dubai are required to bridge the communication gap.

Process of Getting Documents Attestation in Dubai, UAE

Documents Attestation Services in Dubai have much significance due to increased demand by the clients. Many service providers in Dubai are assisting their clients in attestation of their documents. In the process of documents attestation, certificate attestation services are offered in which an official seal and stamp is placed on the documents to make them legit documents to be accepted at various offices in Dubai. 

Dubai has gained popularity as a business hub across the world where people from different countries and linguistic backgrounds have moved for jobs, business and residential purposes due to its higher living standards and luxurious lifestyle.

Why do you need Document attestation services?

People moving to UAE from different countries have their personal, professional and academic documents in their native languages whereas the official language of UAE is Arabic. For the safety and security of the residents and visitors coming to Dubai, a thorough security check of the background of newcomers along with the documents they possess is done by the government officials. First of all, government officials demand the documents attestation from their native country to confirm that those documents were actually issued from the origin country. An official seal and stamp of the institution or office is required for the purpose. The same process can be carried out through certificate attestation services in Dubai.


Which documents need to be attested?

It is an official requirement of Dubai authorities that all personal, educational and personal documents of individuals must be attested from their native countries. For example, if a person seeks for a job in Dubai, he/she has to provide the attestation of educational documents that are presented to the employer for that particular job.

Government attested qualification certificates are required from the government authorities of the native country to prove they are legit and are not forged. Also, the married couples can stay together in the UAE only if they provide a valid marriage certificate attested from their country of origin.

Keeping in view the importance of documents attestation, Translation in Dubai Company offers certified attestation services in Dubai enabling our clients to get their official, personal or academic certificates attested without putting extra efforts and time from all relevant offices of their origin country and Dubai. 

Academic attestation services in Dubai:

There are many students from different countries studying in Dubai. After completion of their studies from relevant Institutions, they get certificates and degrees. Students mostly return back to their native countries after completion of their studies. In case they apply for a job in their native country, they have to provide attested certificates. Therefore, it is always recommended to get those educational certificates properly attested in Dubai to avoid any difficulties in future.

The public and private offices in all countries of the world demand attested documents and certificates similar to Dubai authorities with a slight difference in the procedure. However, all the persons seeking jobs or working in organizations have to prove that all their documents are legit and real and they are actually qualified.  

Driving license translation in Dubai, UAE

Therefore, to facilitate our clients, professional Documents Clearing Services are offered by a Translation in Dubai Company covering a variety of official and educational documents to save our clients from lengthy procedures set by government offices in their native countries as well as in Dubai.

Why choose Translation in Dubai Company for document attestation services in Dubai?

Document attestation services are offered by many service providers in Dubai but Translation in Dubai Company has a distinguished place among all of them due to its team of professional experts who have thorough knowledge of attestation procedures prevailing in different countries of the world and Dubai.

Qualified professionals in our team possess expertise in 200+ languages spoken in the UAE. Our Translation in Dubai Services also cover local dialects along with major languages. When it comes to legal and official terminologies used in various professional fields, our experts possess thorough understanding.

The fact is that they are professionals of different industrial fields and also experts of their native languages. We are providing translation services for many European and Asian languages including Dutch, German, Greek, French, Albanian, Finish, Urdu, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Dari, Farsi etc. On the other hand, translators of African languages and local dialects are also available in our network.  

We have a capacity to handle all types of documents in every language spoken in UAE and Dubai.

In documents attestation process, understanding of languages in which documents are written holds great significance due to the use of various terminologies. Translation in Dubai is facilitating all clients who come up with their documents in any language spoken in the world and get their documents attested through certified professionals hence, providing convenience to our clients since 2007.

Our agents reply to all queries of our clients through our 24/7 online services. Another convenient option is our online quotation system through which clients are informed about our services and price for the services they require. This creates ease for the clients to get information about our services as well as comparing our rates with other service providers in Dubai before visiting us.

MOFA documents attestation

Services for Translation in Dubai, Almas Towers, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

As per requirements of the UAE Government, the individuals coming to Dubai from other countries of the world are required to provide attested personal documents from the UAE Embassy or Consulate present in their native country. The documents such as Birth, Death and Marriage certificates, educational documents, and other personal documents should be attested from the earlier mentioned offices before submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE for further attestation.


Documents Attestation services in Dubai help business startups and individuals in attestation or apostille services in Dubai. There are no charges of getting quotation and consultation on any of the linguistic needs of our valued clients. If you are seeking Educational Certificate Attestation in Dubai, qualified professionals will provide their services to help you in the act of witnessing qualification certificates. Attested certificates bear the seal and signatures of authorized persons, departments or authorities.  In this way authenticity of certificates is verified indicating that the educational certificate is issued by that mentioned department having seal and signature.

Education Certificate Attestation Services In Dubai

If a person wants to apply for a job in any office in Dubai, he/she is required to obtain an employment visa and labour card for which educational certificates attestation is required. Different documents are also required to be attested such as Marriage certificates, health examination certificate by Ministry of Health and department of health.

If a married expatriate is intended to live in Dubai along with family, the person has to provide attested marriage and birth certificates from the relevant authorities of the origin country as a proof that the marriage certificate is legalized. To obtain a family visa (Son/ Daughter visa) in Dubai, a birth certificate indicating date and place of birth along with the names of parents is required to be attested from the native country before final attestation from MOFA.