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Are you trying to settle in Canada? Are you planning to set up some business there? Are you trying to get admission in Canada? If you want to achieve any of these goals, you have to work out on such strategies leading towards getting the citizenship of Canada. Read this article to avoid any ambiguities that lead toward failure in achievement of your dream goals.

You need to translate your documents in the first step but the question arises here in which language? Canada has English and French languages as its basic authorized dialects. If you provide translation in any other language, your application will be rejected even if you are applying to get the work permit or any other type of application through Express Entry for residence permanency, IEC (International Experience Canada).

Translation for Canada Immigration Services in Dubai

There are limited possibilities where IRCC allows to present the documents in a language other than English and French without translation. IRCC will mention it in your application. If you see that IRCC has not mentioned any such point in your application then it means you must have to translate your documents into English or French language as IRCC strictly adheres to its immigration policies and does not relax the conditions in any circumstances. Our Translation for Canada will assist you in avoiding application rejection or objections due to its incomplete status.

If you want your application not indicated by IRCC, you should provide your documents after being translated in the required languages. Our Canadian immigration Translation services are available to handle all of these issues. There are many translation companies in UAE which are providing the translation of documents in the following pairs of languages:

But the basic requirement of the Canadian Authorities is the translation provided by a certified translator with a certificate of authenticity along with a certified copy of the document. Now the challenge is how to achieve the requirements that lead towards success?

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Why is there a need to get Translation for Canada immigration services?

Where do expatriates who do not speak the official languages of Canada live in Canada? Almost all the non-native speakers live in six metropolitan regions including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Ottawa. All translation agencies operating in these areas have to offer meticulous document interpretation services. For example, multilingual interpretation agencies in Toronto earn a significant profit by offering translation services to those expatriates whose native language is different from English and French.

Why Legal Certified Translation For Canada Immigration is important in UAE?

Those people in the UAE who are seeking for the migration to Canada often require an English Arabic Translator who can convert the language as per the immigration requirements. So, translation services are basic requirements for all this process. Translation for Canada Immigration is required as per the rules set by the Government of Canada for the people who want to settle in Canada. Procedures, for example, the documents which are not in English or French require guaranteed interpretation before applying for citizenship or permanent residency.

As the language landscape of Canada keeps on changing, therefore, certified and legal translation services in Dubai have customized its services to entertain the clients seeking for the living arrangements in Canada. In a recent survey, it was noted that the translation services sector all over the world has become a $30 billion industry in which more than 30000 language services providers are associated with the field.

There is a slight difference between one and another translation service provider based on the number of interpreting languages, quality and availability. There may be a chance of selecting the wrong translating company which does not possess expertise in the language required by the client. To search for an appropriate Canada Immigration translation service, following factors should be considered:

Why Choose our Translation Company For Canadian Immigration in UAE?

  • high-quality assurance
  • experience with glossaries
  • certified translators
  • 24/7 availability
  • Serving Translation for Canada Immigration since 2007
  • expertise regarding translation memory tools

200+ Languages We Translation Including English To Arabic, Arabic To Spanish, Spanish To English Translation for Canada Immigration

When documents are gone through the French or English translation process, all is done by a person who is declared as a certified translator like English to Arabic translation Dubai. If you are trying for immigration from inside or outside of Canada, you should hire the services of a certified translator through legal Translation service in Dubai who has good command over the language conversion in respective language. Various translation companies in Dubai are providing their services like translation in Dubai company.

This company and many other translation companies in Dubai are offering certified translation for Canada Immigration for a variety of languages spoken worldwide. Documents pertaining to various professions require professional and precise language conversions for which a team of professionals is required such as marketing translation, technical translations, finance translations, market research translations and legal translations.

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By using the latest software, tools and techniques only human translation is provided which offers the clients cost effectiveness along with fast turnaround time. For example, Translation Memory ™ tool is used in the translation process which enables the experts in reusing the text which is frequently repetitive therefore, making the process not only time effective but also cost effective.

Terminology Management

In terminology management some specified words are kept preserved during the language conversion process. Most of these words are policy words such as specific terminologies related to that particular industry and product names. This technique ensures the usage of the term and testifies that it is correct or not. In this way these terms serve as the tools for quality assurance.

Just an interpretation organization is not enough for the translation purpose. We recommend the clients that they must choose multifaceted linguistic services in Dubai to achieve their linguistic requirements. Translation for Canada in UAE is your true partner in your journey of success. Translation in Dubai company is famous for its quick, accurate and 100% human-powered translation and interpretation services throughout Dubai. Not only translation but also a variety of services are offered by the company to facilitate its clientele in Dubai and all over the UAE.


The company has expanded its facilities worldwide. It’s a common observation that in the times of latest technology and social media, we are still facing communication barriers. Every business requires more effective communication ways to approach the clients all over the world which helps the business management to achieve full income potential. Expert translation and interpretation company is mandatory to achieve this goal. Our company has a network of more than 10000 linguists and professionals of various industrial fields which make us one of the top line Canadian Immigration Translation services in Dubai.

24/7 Translation for Canada is available

The company is providing 24/7 services and responds to all queries within a few minutes which helps in gaining the trust of clients and provide an ease to decide in selecting our services. If our clients need translation on an urgent basis and have limited time, we have experts in our team from all over the world who can work nonstop till completion of the project. Our representatives respond at any time of the day and night keeping in mind the urgency of clients which make us unique as compared with other service providers in Dubai.

In case there are specific deadlines to meet, you cannot wait for the availability of a translator or an interpreter. We are aware of this fact and provide our clients time effective results. You can avail the services of translation in Dubai company for more than 200 languages.

Another feature of our services is that we complete the project before the deadline provided by the clients so that they can review the translated text and make any suggestions if needed to be incorporated in the document. This helps the clients to submit the complete document with all respects to the relevant office. Professional English Arabic translator in our team is available 24/7 to serve you. If you have any query let us know.