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Translation of Driving License

Most translation agencies hire the expertise of translators who possess keen knowledge about the procedures of obtaining a driving license along with top-quality Driving License Translation.

Process of Getting Translation of Driving License in UAE

Driving license of Dubai has great significance in choosing one of the best rewarding careers in Dubai due to which most of the expatriates, when moving to Dubai, start applying immediately for the award of a driving license of Dubai to become eligible for driving a vehicle in UAE.

However, accurate and legally accepted expert Driving License Translation in Dubai, UAE is direly needed for the purpose. Dubai’s multicultural and multi linguistic environment has opened new horizons for many expert translation agencies to provide translation in many languages spoken in Dubai and the UAE for which these agencies have developed proper procedures for their clients to get their driving license and other documents translated.

Importance of Obtaining Driving License in Dubai | Driving License Translation Services For RTA

During holidays, visiting Dubai for recreational purposes or visiting different offices for the sake of a job requires public transport in the case if you are not a holder of a driving license of Dubai to drive or own your own vehicle.

Therefore, obtaining a driving license is very important and applying for which, first of all you are required to get your documents translated from a certified translation services in Dubai from any UAE’s non-native language to Dubai’s local and official language which is Arabic. Driving your own vehicle is necessary in some parts of the UAE to make your life easier.

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Where to Get Driving License Translation in UAE?

The individuals seeking for a driving license have to find the best option out of different translation service providers in Dubai, UAE to obtain English to Arabic translation in Dubai and Arabic to English translation in Dubai for their documents.

There are some countries specified by the government whose residents are just required to obtain a translation of their driving license issued from their origin country from an English to Arabic translator in Dubai.

International Driving Permits

If you are a citizen of a country included in the list of valid international driving permit holders to obtain an international driving license Dubai, you are required to keep your original driving license along with you while moving to Dubai. Without providing an original driving license, you can not get the desired license.


Driving license translation in Dubai, UAE

Advantages Of Driving License Translation Dubai 

There are many advantages of getting driving license translation, such as the necessity of communication with the nation whose language is different from yours and the law enforcement agencies also do not understand the language in which your driving license is written.

Translating your license helps you to obtain an International Driving permit to drive a vehicle conveniently in Dubai. Not only in the UAE, if you are residing in any other country whose language is different from yours, have the relevant authorities demanded the driving license translation into the official language of that country.

Proving your identification in a foreign country is often demanded by government officials for which your documents should be available in the language they understand easily. Therefore, to avoid any unfavorable situation, you should get your documents translated as the first priority.

Driving license Translation in UAE requirements

  • The citizens of some countries of the world are exempted from written and practical test to obtain the driving license of the UAE which include the following countries:

The United States














New Zealand




Saudi Arabic


South Africa




Step by Step process of Converting Foreign License into UAE Driving License:

The documents and driving license issued by above mentioned countries are written in their official languages and the individuals or business persons belonging to these countries are required to get their documents translated into Arabic for the purpose of getting jobs or a new business startup in Dubai or any Emirate of the UAE. The provision of obtaining a Translation of driving license for the purpose of converting the existing license into a UAE driving license by the UAE Government is quite helpful instead of registering for the training. Keep the following documents along with you while visiting the office of relevant authority for the purpose:


Copy of Resident Permit

  • Current Driving License
  • Eye Test Certificate which is confirmed by the Traffic Authorities.
  • Original Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Driving License Translation

The requirements can be altered or updated with the passage of time so it is always recommended to obtain the information from the office of the relevant authority by visiting personally, via telephonic call or through the official website, any of the options which seems to be more convenient. You can also get the information from the traffic authorities of Dubai related to the translation of documents mandatory for the purpose of obtaining a driving license.


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