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Need of Interpretation in Dubai for your event or Conference?

When it comes to the translation and interpretation in Dubai, our company is a flag bearer of high-quality services. The company has permanent working relations with many famous brands, top organizations and many individual clients.

If you are organizing any event such as conferences, seminars, workshops, official meetings and business deals and you need interpretation for the event, you can hire skilled interpreters for different interpretation formats including simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Most demanding languages for interpretation are English to Arabic and Arabic to English in Dubai whereas we have interpreters of more than 200 languages in our network to facilitate the organizers of events to deliver their message to a wider audience of different languages.

Get the best experience by choosing our qualified interpreters in Dubai

We hire the services of certified interpreters who are duly certified from the Ministry of Justice, UAE and qualified from registered institutions to offer these services. Additionally, our clients can expect skilled and experienced interpreters at our company having working experience with different international organizations including the United Nations and the European Union.


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Best Interpretation Services inside and outside of UAE

If you also need technological equipment for simultaneous interpretation in addition to interpretation assistance, we are the supplier of interpretation equipment in Dubai. Our skilled technicians will assist you to install and administer the equipment during the event. Our clientele is present in all countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Many clients from North America, Asia and Europe also trust us for interpretation services required for their small to mega events in the Middle East.

If you need interpreters for consecutive as well as Simultaneous interpretation in Dubai, you can reach us through our 24/7 online representatives and inform us about your requirements so that you can get the quote containing our pricing and other information.

Consecutive Interpretation Services in JLT, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Mostly, Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation in Dubai are the required interpretation formats for many even organizers. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter waits for the speaker to stop delivering his speech to let him/her to continue interpretation of what the speaker has just said and starts speaking soon after the speaker pauses, mostly after 5 minutes of continuous speech. In this way the message of the speaker is delivered to the audience in the language which they understand. Hence the intervals and pauses in the speech of both the speaker and the interpreter make this interpretation format different from simultaneous interpretation.


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Why Choose ALT Interpretation in Dubai?

interpreter does not memorize the speech but notes down the main points and interprets them in his/her own words to convey the message to the audience. Mostly shorthand writings are used so that the original message can be conserved while translating it. The transformation of Dubai from a desert to a business and a tourism hub in a few decades is evident. That’s why our client Trust us for Interpretation in Dubai

Visitors from all over the world visit this ultra-modern city to witness the tallest buildings and various other attractions. Interpretation in Dubai are essential to cope with the linguistic needs of the people from different countries and language backgrounds present at the same place. The people often seek for translation of legal documents, translation of any paperwork

Interpretation for any small to mega event for which translators and interpreters are hired through translation services to translate from any other language to Arabic or for native organizers from Arabic to any other language translation is often demanded. Interpretation in Dubai has a distinguished position among the best translation companies in Dubai to fulfill all the demands of clients ranging from translation, interpretation to proofreading and formatting.

Various services offered by Translation Office Dubai

You can get various services related to Interpretation in Dubai from us including but not limited to certified translation, proofreading and editing services, driving license translation, Canada immigration forms translation, interpretation equipment, interpretation services, translation of medical contents, translation of official documents, translation services, website content translation for your content into any of the native languages of your choice.

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Interpretation in Dubai | Team of Qualified Interpreters

Events related to various walks of life are held frequently in Dubai including conferences, seminars and workshops in which professionals and individuals from different linguistic backgrounds and countries living in Dubai participate for different purposes. To address the needs of such an audience, translation or interpretation in Dubai are always useful. Interpreters provided by the Translation Office Dubai always perform exceptionally well in conveying the message of the speaker to the attendees of the events for their better understanding.

We ensure clients satisfaction in their linguistic services for which we have certified and qualified translators in our team having command over their native language and Arabic as well. Clients contact us online to ask about our services and pricing plan for which we send them free quotations so that they may compare our pricing with other Interpretation in Dubai providers to get an idea of our reasonable pricing before placing orders. 

Professional Team of Interpreters and Technicians in ALT

We have a large network of translators who provide quality services every time you hire them. Our translators include both in-house and freelancers who are certified and experienced. If you are looking for English to Arabic translation, we assure that our translators are best to offer language conversions of your legal and other documents with a huge clientele in our splendid history.

Our clients believe that the meaning and original sense is always preserved in the translated document they get every time from the company due to which they trust us. Translation in Dubai is determined to handle all the documents having rare and difficult language that’s why our clients prefer our company over the other translation companies in the UAE. Every time we receive a document having a new language, we accept the challenge and learn from the new project to facilitate our future clients. 

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Types of Interpretation Services

 1. Consecutive interpreting services

 Considering the availability of latest technology, the organizers of events mainly focus and demand the interpreters for simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation in Dubai. Therefore, keeping in view the requirements of our clients, we provide interpreters for the events of any scale from conferences to the briefing with delegates and officials.  Our qualified translators ensure the organizers of the event that their message is effectively conveyed to the target audience in the languages they understand with accuracy and fluency.

2. Interpretation Equipment:

 There are multiple ways of communication for the people now due to advancements in technology. Dubai has become an ultra-modern society due to the presence of people from all over the world at a single place due to which organizers of the events use the most innovative methods of effective communication. Now the people also focus on using clear and innovative modes of communication apart from expecting the availability of technologically advanced equipment. For instance, various visual aids including screens and projectors are used to avoid loss of interest of the audience.

On the other hand, sophisticated sound systems are also installed to ensure the clear sound reaches the ears of the audience so that they may not lose interest in the talk and hence ensures that the message is fully conveyed. In view of above scenarios and requirements, many best translation services in Dubai have been providing their best possible services including our company. We have a complete interpretation package including interpreters of multiple languages, interpretation equipment supplier in Dubai and Audio-visual AV equipment. We have sufficient quantities of devices as a part of interpretation equipment needed during any small to large scale event. You can ask us online about your requirements any time.

 3. Simultaneous Interpretation Dubai, UAE

Whether you are hosting an event for the promotion of your business or an official meeting where speakers of different languages are present, you can hire our interpreters for both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in Dubai. If people are given opportunities to interact with other people in their native languages, they can express their ideas in a more clear and convenient way to convince other people of the desired motives. In turn, all the parties involved can get benefits of effective communication.

In addition to these services, highly qualified and recognized translators in the UAE are available in our network to meet your expectations. Translation Office Dubai has been working closely with many individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate sectors for 20 years due to which we better understand the needs of clients including legal translation in Dubai. You can expect skillful and certified translators from the company which are fully capable of facilitating individuals as well as organizations. Our services are not limited to Dubai only but also cover all Emirates of the UAE and clients from all over the UAE frequently avail our services.

Acquire quality Interpretation Interpretation in Dubai that can make an impact

We provide native interpreters to bridge the communication gap between different communities in Dubai through our Interpretation in Dubai. Many business organizations have chosen Dubai for their business activities and European and Asian business communities have established their businesses here. The communication gap has always caused problems for the foreigners.

Understanding these issues, we are offering expert interpretation services at very affordable rates. Our professionals are well aware of the nuances of languages they are dealing with therefore, they interpret word by word without losing the sense and meaning of original speech. In view of our expertise, we invite you to avail our interpretation in Dubai so that our expert team members can help you to fulfill your dream goals. We are rest assured that you will appreciate our services.

Different conferences and small to mega events are organized annually in Dubai due to its importance as a business hub for the business community of the whole world. People from Asia as well as Europe and other countries of the world visit Dubai for different purposes and the language barrier creates hurdles to interact with each other and to share thoughts and ideas with each other.  Even expert professionals of their field cannot survive in Dubai without removing language barriers for which services of interpretation companies are mandatory.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment:

Interpretation in Dubai is one of the top-notch suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment in Dubai. We use BOSCH images of interpretation hardware to facilitate any gathering, function, conference, seminar and any other event where synchronous translating is required and our site technicians are available to complete the installations at the place of event. The equipment in our stock includes but not limited to the following:

  • Control Units
  • Infrared receivers
  • Microphones
  • Radiators
  • Sound-proof booths
  • Speakers
  • Transmitters
  • headphones